“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

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Welcome to the website which helps to plunge into such an interesting phenomenon of gambling world as different casino superstitions! People are subjected to believe in different things which can help them to win a lot of money.

We offer you the most useful information concerning different gambling aspects including playing online pokies real money and for free, and also means that can increase your chances to win. Playing games of luck is easy when you know how to make fortune bless you. That is easy! Al you need to do now is to browse pages of this website and you will find many ways of getting better results.

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We offer you information about casino games, casino slots, blackjack superstitions, different charms, books, things and rituals which are believed to bring good or bad luck during playing various casino games. If you believe in superstitions and usually follow your small tricks, you will be glad to find here those ones, which are supposed to bring you good luck. Knowing what bad luck superstitions will also help you to feel more comfortable playing casino games. Do not believe? Check it by yourself while playing cards can be lucky!

Most of the players in https://austria-bonusesfinder.com/no-deposit-bonus/ believe, that while playing games of chance you need some lucky talismans, which they may use in order to increase winning chances. For example, when you played slots several times in one and the same t-shirt and all these times were successful, you may decide that it is your lucky t-shirtm and probably you will wear it every time you play slots on trusted bingo sites. If you’re looking for more information on how to get lucky playing slot games, you’ve come to the right place! Just put on that lucky charm and you’re almost done, just go to online casino! Luck has great importance even there!

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horseshoeLuck is a very unpredictable thing, and gamblers try to do everything in order to scare it, even if it looks strange and suspicious sometimes. Still, people believe that they should perform some actions in order to be lucky all the time.

Many different rituals are accepted by casino players which are believed to bring them a good luck during a game. For example, carrying a rabbit foot while gambling. It is one of the most wide-spread lucky ritual along with wearing lucky underwear or other pieces of clothes. No one knows whether these superstations affect the reality or not, but a lot of people try just to secure themselves taking lucky talismans at the casino.

Want to know all these lucky things? Do not be lazy to read the article which gives the whole list of various things players take to a casino with them or do in order to attract their luck and win big money!

You may believe superstations or not, but there are some things, which will surely help you to win. If you know casino games rules, tips and use the most effective strategist, your chances to win will be much higher, that if you just put on your lucky hat. No matter what is your aim at casino, knowledge of the types of online casino is a good sign.

blackcatThere are some things and rituals which are be­lieved to be un­lucky when speak about online casino. But you will not pay attention to them while playing at casinos which offer bonuses, just like poker first deposit bonus at poker casinos or blackjack first deposit bonus at blackjack casinos. You are to be aware of some myths and superstitions while playing such games of chance as online roulette and online slots Arcade as they are considered to be the games of chance, where all your skills and abilities are useless.

You will find a lot of different resources with the information concerning myths and superstitions at different games, among them there are different books, articles, films and of course online casino guides where everyone can find suggestions about bad luck superstitions and how to escape them.

A broken mirror, a black cat, black color in general... This list can be easily continued: gamblers are really superstitious when it comes to big money and winnings.

So, if you do not want to blame your black cat or your dog for your loss at casino - this article is for you: here you can read the list of superstitions which bring bad luck to gamblers.

lucky charms Which things it is better to bring with you to a casino in order to be lucky during a game? Actually, there are a lot of them; and gamblers really believe they work!
dream books Some books are written to give a gambler the interpretation of his/her dreams. They are actually perfect for lottery and many other types of number games.
lucky spells Many gamblers have their own lucky words or word expressions which are believed to bring them a good luck when they whisper them at a casino table.
feng shui It is not only about your interior design but also about your positive atmosphere during your game at a casino: three types of luck will help you to win.
affirmations This technique advises to imagine your ideal result of the game and make it a part of your subconsciousness: it should help to materialize this thought soon.
positive ballons Maybe it looks like positive affirmation or something: the main thing here is to think only about positive results of the game, and don't even imagine your loss.
green beer Mind visualization helps to materialize things: if you always think only about your loss, you will definitely lose. So, keep only positive things in mind!