“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Dream Books

Most people will find it surprising but gamblers also use various types of lucky books which are specifically designed to help those, who play lottery or other types of number games. These books provide interpretation of the gambler's dreams and provide lucky numbers on which players can bet depending on what the dreams reveal; such lucky books are called to be dream books.

Many players believe that dream numbers are often the best numbers for betting and even for telling the signs of the luck, that they will have on certain days, at certain places and while they deal with certain people. Most of the dream books are based on root work, conjuration and hoodoo and are often even used by successful players.

Numbers and gambling

Players who often play the numbers steadily and regularly believe that the numbers will begin to acquire specific symbolism for them not just in the dreams, but also in terms of patterns. These numbers can be changed; they can derive new winning numbers based on their old winning numbers. There are several people who believe, that there are systems for following numbers, relative numbers, run downs, derivates and work outs which can all be applied for winning at lotteries, online bingo, and other number games. Books generally make use of numerology, in order to provide winning numbers to gamblers.

Popular lucky gambling books

Given below are some of the most popular lucky books which players often use for bringing in luck:

Aunt Sally's Players Dream Book

The book uses hoodoo magic for bringing gambling luck and consists of nine alphabetical lists of situations and objects, which can be found in the dreams. The interpretations of these symbols are provided in the book along with the winning numbers which can be used. The book had first been published in the year 1889 and the author of the book is still unknown.

You can find and buy this book here.

Dream book by Billy Bing

The original dream book by Billy Bing is considered to be one of the most condensed of all the dream books from old times. What sets the book apart from the others is that it contains lotto work outs or rundown and other material for lottery. There are methods for number selection for lottery based on the past performance of numbers and it is not based on dreams. The book is, in fact based on number selection and analysis based on performance and numerology. However, there is also a book by Billy Bing which is based on dream numbers though unexpected. This particular book is based on hoodoo dream work and also on system betting based on numerology.

Pick'Em Systems

The Pick'Em system dream book is by Rajah Rabo and is quite unique, because it consists of 128 different pages with lists of dream images and keywords. There are nine consecutively numbered sections for variations on the images. There is a special section in the book which has to be picked for playing only on certain designated days in a week. There are interpretations of the dreams called forecasts and signifies along with number picks for those interpretations.

Look and buy this book here.

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