“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Change Luck

When at a casino table a player keeps loosing plenty of hands in a row, they seem to think that they are stuck with bad luck. According to most players, there are plenty of things which can be done in order to change your luck and make it more favorable for them. There are many theories and concepts which have been developed and practiced around this belief over the years.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui had first been developed by ancient Chinese in order to bring the luck. There are a lot of people all over the world who swear that Feng Shui works for them and the principles of Feng Shui are even may be applied to gambling. According to Feng Shui being disorganized will only bring in bad luck so players are always careful.
Spirituality and prayer
Many players believe that spirituality is powerful enough to increase their chances of winning at any game and can completely change their luck at any time. Players usually say a little prayer before they begin playing at the casino while others carry a picture of the God or saint in which they believe, a rosary or any other religious item.
Karma is a principle of Hindu philosophy and in simple terms it means what goes around will always come around. According to this belief, a player who does good things will always find that good things happen to him and vice versa. In gambling world players ensure that they never hurt anyone else since it might come back to haunt them.
In visualization technique, the player will picture himself/herself already winning at the table or at the slot machine. It is believed that if visualization is properly practiced, it can actually make that event come true in real life. Several people practice visualization not just in gambling but even in other areas of life to change their luck.
Affirmation is a way to plant the seeds of success in the subconscious in order to think positively and be prepared for success in real life. Affirmations are positive and many players often repeat it to themselves before they go to a big game in order to make it happen; they truly believe affirmations can help them to win.
Positive thinking
Positive thinking theories are practiced and applied in almost all areas of life, including gambling. If you think positively, you relieve stress and will be able to concentrate on your game better which automatically will improve your chances of winning at the game. It's easy: just do not think you can lose and believe in your luck!

If nothing else works, the best way to change your luck is to work hard for it. This is the simplest and yet the most effective way to ensure winnings at gambling, if you work hard at the game and practice, it is bound to pay off some time.