“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


One of the most important things needed to succeed in life is positive thinking and positive attitude. The same happens with the gambling. If a player has a positive attitude then he/she will have a better chance at winning the game.

Just as experience, skills and strategies are necessary for winning a game, positive thinking is equally important too. Even though you are a veteran player and have the best winning strategy, if you do not have optimism and confidence, the chances that you will be successful are quite less. If you have a positive attitude in life you can attain self-confidence which is vital for winning at gambling.

Player’s attitudes

What all players must understand is that there are three different types of players’ attitudes when it comes to gambling:

  • neutral
  • negative
  • positive.

A positive attitude in gambling is when a player has enough confidence to take major steps or to put in a risky bet to double his/her winning amount.

A negative attitude is when the player is unsure about next move and always feels that he/she will lose more than win.

A neutral attitude is in between both of these or when the player has no feelings at all.

In gambling, positive attitude is what will make someone win. Professional gamblers should have positive attitude otherwise they would not be able to win the money! Positive thinking can be cultivated over time and with time anyone can have the confidence they need to back up all their skills to win at gambling. On the other hand, there are players who have tones of confidence, but do not have any skills to implement them. Again, this is the wrong type of self-confidence and it won’t work.

A confident player

A confident player should be very circumspect and cautious in his/her decisions and actions. A confident player might risk and use all the chances of winning and all of his/her money at a very critical stage in the game. If the player is confident and positive, he/she would have analyzed the entire situation and would have thought about the odds well. Confidence is the ability of that player to take huge, but rewarding risk.

In some cases a player will be able to win at gambling even if he/she has negative attitude and has no self-confidence at all. This would be in the case when the games are based on pure luck or chance. There are some situations where lucky but weak player will beat even the most experienced and confident player just because of luck. However, in games like poker if a player is skillful he can overcome such instances by quickly making up for it in the next few hands.

A positive attitude should go hand in hand with the required skill in gambling because once the skill gets better your confidence too will grow in the game. If you think positively every time, you play you will definitely have better chances at the table to win.

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