“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


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The Chinese have always been known to be superstitious. It is because of the people from China the world came to know about horoscope and Feng Shui. Today, people from all over the world consult various Feng Shui masters for arranging their offices and houses. This just goes to prove how superstitions have always been a part of the life due to Chinese.

Superstitions have also always been a part of gambling in China, since that's the one place where people would like to have all the luck on their side. When it comes to gambling, the Chinese have a whole list of beliefs and superstitions, which are very much a part of their culture and are very popularly accepted by most of the people. Try best video slots online here!

The Chinese and the numbers

The Chinese have always believed that the right numbers can always have a deep effect on fortune.

The most common Chinese superstitions according numbers

1. Always avoid 58 numbered hotel room or four numbered rooms.

2. On the other hand 18 in Cantonese sounds like will certainly prosper so they try to pick this number as much as they can.

3. The number 84 in Cantonese sounds like prosper till death and is also considered to be quite lucky.

4. To Chinese people the number 4 is related to death while number 8 is related to prosperity.

5. Numbers which bring in good luck when combined with number 8 in the right way are 3, 6 and 9. These numbers can increase the chances of winning at gambling.

6. Some very commonly believed combination of good numbers are 998 which sounds in Cantonese like prosper for long,168 which sounds like prosper all the way and 1388 which sounds like prosperity in one's life.

7. Eight is considered to be a very strong number and 88 or 888 are considered to be the strongest number combination.

On the other hand, picking out the wrong number can bring in big misfortunes. Any Chinese gambler will ensure that he/she stays away from certain bad numbers in every way before going to gamble at a casino. Various Chinese gamblers also perform certain rituals and prayers which will bless them and provide them with fortune while keeping bad luck away. They often offer fruits, candles and incense to the Gods and say a prayer before going to the casino. Be sure that here is the best video slot machines!

Other Chinese superstitions

Some of the other most commonly known Chinese superstitions are as listed below:

  • Counting money during any gambling session is considered to bring in bad luck
  • Stay away from females and sex before going to the casino since it can bring bad luck
  • Do not see nuns or monks before going to gamble since it can bring bad luck
  • Red underwear is considered to be lucky for gambling
  • Touching someone's shoulder while they are gambling can also bring is bad luck
  • Females who play while they are menstruating can win more
  • Do not stay into hotels with numbers like 14 or 4
  • Entering a casino through the main entrance brings bad luck

Other superstitions which are believed to bring bad luck can be read here.

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