“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


Gambling is a very uncertain game. Whether one plays at a casino or online game, it is not possible to win at every game. However, with experience the level of skill will improve and with it the success ratio of the player will also improve. With time, players learn tricks and strategies to reduce their losses and increase their profits. But superstitions come together with experience, and many different casino legends can be found among gamblers. Why is it so?

Why are gamblers superstitious?

It is said that gamblers are the most superstitious people in the entire world and they can tell you a lot of different casino legends concerning this or that game. But why are gamblers really superstitious? Well, gambling is probably the most unpredictable of all games. Even when a game is going well for a player it might take a turn for the worst at any time at all. Also, there is a lot of money at stake and obviously no player would like to take risks when there is money on the line. Gamblers will do almost anything in order to improve their chances of winning.

Superstitions could be in the form of a lucky charm or even some type of ritual to be done before the play, if it will increase their chances of winning then gamblers will do it. Over the years several scholars and psychologists have done studies to be able to understand the relationship between gamblers and superstitions.

The relationships between gamblers and superstitions

According to various studies which have been done in the past on the subject, gamblers may develop superstitions which can become a basis for all of their future game sessions. Whenever a gambler will win big money at the table he will look back to understand what had transpired during the session. At this point of time he may decide that probably an article of his clothing was lucky for him or something he did during the session had been lucky for him.

In the same way he will also look into his loosing sessions and try to avoid an item of clothing or an action which he thought might have been unlucky for him. However, what is interesting is that not all superstitions are developed by gamblers on their own. Several gamblers just follow the beliefs and superstitions which have existed and might even have been passed on through decades from one gambler to another.

Every casino game has its own myths and superstitions; for example, it is very easy to name all blackjack superstitions or lottery ones.

If they know that a certain thing had been unlucky for another gambler they will try to avoid it, after all, why tempt fate?

To be or not to be superstitious

Whether being superstitious helps or doesn't help has always been a topic of heated discussion. The fact is that many gamblers do try to test existing superstitions to see if they are actually true or not. If they know that a particular action is considered to be unlucky and if they still choose to do it, subconsciously they will always be expecting themselves to lose. This works itself in a negative way and there are high chances that the player will lose even though it might not really have anything to do with the superstition itself.

What this goes to show is that if a player thinks something is unlucky for him, it will be and vice versa.

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