“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Lottery superstitions

When we choose to play Lotto, Euromillions or any other game related to lottery online games, as well as land-based ones, we are very superstitious and start to behave in illogical way. Lottery includes even some online games superstitions: and with the era of Internet more superstitions have appeared.

However we know that lottery online games are purely games of luck, we still continue to follow that we think at some level will give an additional piece of luck. In this editorial you will come across three most common lottery superstitions, which are used by many lottery players and maybe you’ll decide to try them out!

The Lucky Shop for buying tickets

Several lottery players have this superstition of buying their lottery tickets from the same retailer every week. Majority of the players simply make a choice to buy their lottery ticket from the nearest lottery store, while some of them are ready to buy them at a remote place due to the fact that they previously bought the ticket, which made them win, from that store.

One may get a though that having a "lucky shop" is bit strange, however, as a matter of fact, once the media report about the jackpot winning ticket had been bought from a particular shop, the sales at that store raised overnight. This is because lots of people visited that store hoping that buying a ticket there will turn our lucky for them too.

Lucky Numbers and relationship with dreams

Many lottery players have one or more lucky numbers that they use while purchasing their lottery tickets, since the lottery games spin around numbers. Some players enter an entire line of lucky numbers on weekly basis, while others enter one specific number on every ticket. There are players who are so superstitious about the numbers that they buy specific number of tickets and choose there other specific numbers which are to bring them victory. This superstition regarding the numbers will last as long as lotteries are played.


There could be any reason for a lottery playing, however the fact is that lottery players are more attentive to their lottery dreams than any other dream. At the same time, people do not pay attention to dreams about economy collapse or end of the world, winning a lottery is often taken as the most favorite dream, and that is one of the reasons many people reach out to buy a lottery ticket if they haven't already done this. It is true that buying a ticket has improved your chance of winning, however if we get lucky and win the lottery than the credit of success goes to the dream rather than considering this being a pure coincident.

It could be buying tickets from a particular shop, buying tickets with luck numbers or be more attentive towards the lucky dreams about lottery, each one of us is a little bit superstitious about the lottery. Well at the same time if any of these superstitions do allow or do something to help you win, it makes it more interesting and adds more fun to the game, in case you have not embraced yourself and have not made a wish to win, it could be worth doing it now. At the end it's not going to damage your chances, is it?

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