“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Poker superstitions

Poker players, even a few of the professional players, have their own beliefs and superstitions when it comes to poker game rules and playing this game. Whether it is about an object being lucky or a particular dealer being unlucky for them, there are quite a lot of beliefs that players have, when it comes to the game. Like with any other type of game, if one superstition seems to be true for one player, all the others will follow this example and soon enough a superstition becomes widely prevalent.

Playing cards and superstitions

Playing cards have had a long history of themselves and they have been used during centuries. Poker cards also have several superstitions attached to them; there are even some online poker myths! Many people believe that playing cards can be lucky for a pious individual. Cards had been used since around the 17th century for meditation and even today this practice exists. Others think that a particular pack of cards will always be lucky for them.

Poker superstitions

Apart from the superstitions which are attached to the playing cards, there are plenty of other superstitions attached to the game. Given below is a list of some very interesting beliefs and superstitions:

  • There are a lot of beliefs attached to picking up the cards before the dealer finishes dealing them to all the players. It is said that doing this can be unlucky but there is a logical explanation to this superstition too. Those who pick up their cards before the opponents will give the opponents a chance to read their expressions or reactions to the cards so in this way it is quite a logical superstition.
  • It is also believed by many players that picking up the cards with the left hand is unlucky. The left hand has been considered for several centuries to be associated with the evil. The right hand had been considered to be the pious hand while the left hand had always been unlucky; therefore this superstition has its roots to the older centuries, but it has no logical confirmation.
  • It is also unlucky to drop your cards while you are still playing a hand. Many players believe that it is a sign that the hand should not be played by them since it will definitely bring them failure. Not much can be said whether or not there is a logical explanation to it but in most cases a player will drop his/her cards when they are nervous and it is possible that the outcome will be unfavorable if the game is played while being nervous.
  • It is considered a good luck to touch your favorite card before you begin the game. Touching your favorite card will mean that you are very likely to win during the game and you will receive favorable cards. Even today quite a lot of players do practice this belief.

These were only some superstitions attached to poker; however, there are dozens of more superstitions like these which players have believed in and practiced for centuries. After everything else fails, players believe that those who are unsuccessful at poker are lucky in love!

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