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Online Poker Myths

Those who are still quite new to online poker will find it interesting to see a few topics and ideas which are very widely discussed on online poker sites. The game is the same and the rules too remain the same, when you play poker online and land casino poker, however, there are a few myths which are especially commonly seen in online poker.

Myth, which can be met when play poker on line

Given below are some of the most commonly seen myths in online poker:

Myth 1 - Aces always flop

Fact- one of the most common myth is that aces always flop or at least, that they flop too often. Most players think that Aces can be seen on every single flop. The fact is that it is not true at all. Several studies have been done on this particular myth and the results have been that the chances of aces flopping are the same as the chances of any other card appearing on the flop.

Another thing is that all online poker sites are tested and verified by a gambling commission to ensure, that the software used by them is correct and fair so there is not a chance that there could be an artificial Ace count on the flop.

Myth 2 - Pocket aces are not good

Fact- This myth is also related to the myth mentioned above. Many players believe that pocket Aces are often rigged and they are only dealt to the players so frequently so that the site can increase its rake. The same explanation holds true even in this case. Pocket Aces win at online poker the same amount of times as they do in casino poker. Again, aces cannot be rigged since all online poker sites are checked and tested.

Myth 3 - Deposit bonuses are always good

Fact- Almost all poker sites today offer sign up bonuses to attract new players. Bonuses can be quite attractive for players but the fact is that this is not always a good thing though it might seem to be. Players have to deposit their own money in the account and even play a lot of hands in order to clear their bonus.

Myth 4 - A few players can see everyone else's cards

Fact- In the recent times there had been a few scandals where a few players could see everyone else's hole cards at their table. In these cases there had been a few high level employees of the site which had been involved and had access to important data. They were able to set up super accounts with the site where they could actually see everyone's hole cards and take advantage of it. However, they had been exposed and the matter had been put to an end. It is possible that a certain player might be able to see everyone else's cards but it is actually very unlikely.

These were just a few myths related to online poker. However, there are plenty more such myths which can be seen discussed at most online poker sites these days concerning not just online poker but a casino one too.

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