“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


There are several myths in blackjack that can be found at all the casinos, which are very commonly believed by players to be true. Myths are different than superstitions and it is not quite bizarre, in fact, most of the myths mentioned below are very commonly beliefs of most blackjack players.

Blackjack myths

Like in all other games, blackjack has its own share of myths, most of which are quite far from the truth.

Given below is a list of some very common blackjack myths:

  • One of the most commonly believed myth is that card counting is the surest way of making money at blackjack. While it is true, the fact is that card counting is only from the perspective of long term. Thousands of hands need to be played in order to benefit from card counting and there are short term losses even for card counters.
  • Another myth about card counting that it is a predictive theory. The fact is that the method is just a probability theory and it cannot predict the cards which will be coming in the future hands. It just helps the player calculate his/her odds at the game.
  • Most people even don't get the true objective of the game. They believe that the main objective of the game is to get as close to twenty one as possible. However, the true objective is to just beat the dealer's hand and nothing else.
  • It is a common belief is that in blackjack the way other players play has no effect on the game. Thefact is that bad moves done by a player can have an effect on the outcome of the hand for all the other players at the particular table.
  • Another common misconception is that you should take insurance. The fact is that insurance is a bad bet in the game. When you take an insurance you will give up almost 13% of the profit and in order to make up for it and the player will have to win in every three hands which is generally not possible for all players.
  • Most people believe that if a player enters the game in the middle of the shoe, he will definitely lose. The factis that it will not have any effect on the player at all.
  • Other beliefs include that those who have been losing to the dealer several times in a row are due for a win. The chances of winning are not dependent on the outcome of the previous hands.
  • Players even believe that a deuce is the favorite card for the dealer. This is often believed because of the fact that deuce is very frequently seen in the dealers hand but the fact is that the deuce has no relationship with the dealer. Just like in player’s hand, any card can be the winning or losing card for the dealers too.

Many of the myths given above are believed by players who want to win more money soon enough. Blackjack requires a lot of patience and with time and good strategy anyone can win at the game.

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