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Roulette is a game of chance; there is not much a player can do in order to ensure that he/she will win at the game. When a gambler plays free roulette, s/he understands that it is a very simple but exciting game to play and it does not really require some skills. Because of this it is quite a popular game and it is because of this popularity itself that so many myths gave grown and taken shape in the last few decades.

Roulette myths

Given below are some of the most popular roulette myths which appear during play free roulette game:

Myth 1 - Dealers can make the roulette ball land wherever they want

Fact- The fact is that even an experienced dealer cannot really make the ball land wherever they please. The wheel spins one way while the ball goes the other way and bounces off the surface in quite a speed so there is absolutely no control over the ball.

Myth 2 - All the roulette wheels are all the same

Fact- Roulette wheels are not the same. There are American and European roulette wheels to choose from. The European wheels have only 37 slots and the American wheels have 38 slots so the European wheels are better since they offer better odds for success. The house only has an advantage of 2.7% in European wheels and in American wheels their advantage is 5.25%.

Myth 3 - Spins of the roulette wheels are not random

Fact- One of the most common misconceptions that players have is that the roulette wheel spins are not random and that the history of the past spins has an effect on the outcome of the next spin. Because of this players believe that their chances of winning will be better if they keep betting on a sleeping number since it is due for winning. The fact is that every number on the wheel has the same odds for winning and the past history makes no difference at all.

Myth 4 - You can beat the game with the help of a mathematical system

Fact- Several people believe that they can beat roulette with a mathematical system like in blackjack. The fact is that any mathematical system will not work for this game. This is because of the fact that there is no past data which can be analyzed in order to come up with a system. Roulette is a pure chance game and for chance games there cannot be a mathematical system which can increase the chances of winning at the game.

Myth 5 - Applying money management systems increases your chances of winning

Fact- money management systems cannot increase the chances of winning at the game nor can it guarantee a player to win more money. The house will always have the same advantage on any given bet with or without money management systems. These systems cannot change the house edge. The fact is that the edge of the house cannot be changed at all with the help of anything

Roulette is a chance game, so there is not much that a player can do in order to increase their chance of winning at the game.

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