“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


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Performing different types of rituals and carrying lucky symbols in order to get favorable results has been quite popular since early ages. Lucky rituals have probably been around as long as gambling has been around. People do all sorts of things at casinos, some quite bizarre, in hopes of winning big amounts of money. There are still many intelligent players too, who practice these rituals every time that they visit a casino. It can be in fact quite interesting to observe the different lucky rituals that players perform at the casinos and can be easily spotted at almost any casino in the world.

Before playing

Before going to the casino, players will do all sorts of things that they think are lucky for them. There are many people who even prepare for elaborate rituals and spells before their big trip to their casino.

Given below are some lucky rituals practiced before gambling:

  • Bathing with lucky herbal soaps and applying lucky oil to the body and especially hands is a very common ritual before gambling.
  • Wearing a lucky jewelry or clothing item is also very commonly seen in gamblers.
  • Several players even go as far as checking their horoscopes to see whether their trip would bring them any luck or not.
  • Lighting candles at home before going to the casino, saying a prayer, offering fruits to God are also practiced by superstitious players.
  • Carrying a particular lucky charm while going to the casino is also very common among gamblers since they believe it will bring them good luck.

During gambling sessions

There are several other rituals which are specifically performed by players while they are at the casino for bringing them good luck:

  • Bringing in a doll, teddy bear or a stuffed toy to the casino is also considered to be very lucky. Several players place these items right before them while they are playing as they believe it is lucky for them.
  • There are several things and rituals that players believe bring them luck with the slot machines. Some players believe that if they talk, fondle or even kiss a slot machine, it will make them win the jackpot! Though it might sound to be quite bizarre there are people who can be seen talking to their slot machines at casinos quite often.
  • There are several things that people do while playing video poker to increase their chances of winning. Many players hit the re-deal button whenever they win a hand. Some players even hit the singe bet button five times in a row when they lose a hand since they think it will bring them good luck
  • Other players tap the right side of their video poker machine before they hit the deal button. Players believe that it brings them favorable cards.
  • Other players believe that if they kick their slot machines, it will loosen up the machine and increase their chances of winning some money or the jackpot prize.
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