“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Baccarat superstitions

In baccarat casino game, like with all other types of casino games, there are plenty of superstitions and myths attached. Players everywhere have their own beliefs and superstitions when it comes to gambling and many of these superstitions even have roots in ancient culture and might be handed down from generations to generations.

Several others are relatively new superstitions and have been developed and practiced by the players if they found a particular thing lucky or unlucky for them. In baccarat casino game there are a few very special superstitions which are universally followed, like blowing on the cards and bending them which are very commonly practiced all through the world.

Bending the cards

In most casinos バカラの勝ち方 where you can find a baccarat table players believe indulge in a practice called bending the cards. Bending the cards they are actually taking a peek at the dealing cards before putting them down. This is done while player tends to bend a card towards him/her slowly, takes a peek and then puts it back down. Then he/she turns it to 90 degrees and then bends the same card again to take another peek.

Once this is done, the player does not turn over his/her card but instead repeats the same process with the next card that he/she receives too. However, what makes it even more interesting is the fact that even though player peeks at his/her cards he/she doesn't really know the value of the card. When player actually bends the card he/she in fact is looking at the sides of the card where the number of printed suits is located at the edge of the card. For example, in cards with values of six and seven there are two suits located at the shorter edge, and three suits at longer edge.

When these cards are dealt facing down, the player will block the numerical value and when they bend the card up they will not see the actual numerical value of the card but the suits on the edge which can often be misleading.

Blowing the cards and other superstitions

Along with bending the cards up, another superstition which goes hand in hand with it is blowing the cards. It often happens that the value that the player sees when he/she bends up the card is false since the player is only looking at the number of suits printed and not the numerical value. When this happens, the player will blow on the cards in hope of blowing away the center symbol. Though this might seem to be very funny, it is actually very widely practiced.

Other superstitions include ripping the cards. Several players believe that if they rip their cards it will be lucky for them. Many others tap their ashtrays or drink glasses with a pen since they consider it to bring them good luck at the table.

The lucky charms, prayers and rituals are all too common even in baccarat as they are with any other type of casino game and can be seen almost in every casino during all the games.

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