“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Blackjack Superstitions

Blackjack card game has been played since decades now and has always been a favorite with the players. Like with all other types of games, superstitions are followed in blackjack too together with blackjack rules. Even some of the veteran players and popular professional blackjack players do have their own set of superstitions which they carefully follow in order to increase their chances of winning at the game.

Women and casino superstitions

In the past there had been many superstitions related to blackjack card game, many of which are no longer followed today. One of the most well-known superstitions had been that women were considered to be unlucky for blackjack. In the past, people had believed that women bring bad luck at the table. In most casinos women were not welcome and in quite a lot of them they were not allowed to enter at all.

However, all this has changed in the past few years. Women today can be seen playing at the same table as men, and beating them too. Women even have better chances at winning at the table since they are well quipped at the game.

The gamblers fallacy and the Bad Player Curse

Two of the biggest seen superstitions in blackjack are the bad player curse and the gamblers fallacy. Both of these superstitions are still very widely believed in. In bad player curse, the players believe that if another player at the table makes a bad move like hitting the stiff on a bust card will put a curse on that table.

They believe that one player committing a fatal mistake at the table will make everyone else's fate doomed. On the other hand, the gamblers fallacy is also quite a well-known superstition these days. According to the gamblers fallacy the player should increase his bets after he loses his hand and then decrease his bets if he wins a particular bet.

On the other hand other players believe in doing the exact opposite. They decrease their bets if they lose a hand and then increase their bets after they win a hand.

Other superstitions

In blackjack there are several other superstitions too which can generally be seen in other games too. These include carrying lucky charms with them whenever they are playing at the table. These lucky charms could be anything, a lucky charm bracelet, an item of clothing which they think is lucky for them, carrying a rosary, bible or any other type of religious item, an animal bone etc.

Other players have elaborated rituals which they perform before the game begins like rubbing their hands with lucky oil, saying a prayer or anything which they believe works for them at the table.

Blackjack is all about winning at the game; it is as much about good play as it is about luck. It can't be said whether these superstitions work or not but those who do believe in them follow them religiously at every single blackjack game. Over the time when one superstition brings in good luck to one player they are adopted by several other players, hoping that it will bring them the same good luck.

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