“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


Luck factor has always been a big deal in many areas of life, including gambling. Whether it is lottery or slots, players believe that if luck is on their side, they manage to win big bucks at the casino. For this reason there are several players who use ritual spells, charms, amulets etc in order to bring them luck when they are going to a casino.

There are several stores, which provide gambling amulets to players, who want to use them to claim their luck. There are simple spells and even a few magic tricks and spells which are often used by people along with a host of lucky charms and objects which the players carry with them whenever they go to a casino.

Lucky charms

There are many items which players consider to be their lucky charms, talismans, curios andamulets and carry them to their games no matter what happens. There are even several herbs and some bizarre itemswhich players consider to be lucky for them.

For example

  • Many players believe that alfalfa if carried in a mojo hand will bring them money luck at casinos.
  • Alligator tooth had been considered to be a very powerful lucky charm in the South in the past decades.
  • Mojo bags also are common lucky talismans and there are some players who fill in their mojo bags with lucky curios and roots and carry with them.
  • Alkanet root barks are supposed to prevent a player from jealous opponents and they help save players from getting jinxed.
  • Any lucky charm which is in the shape of a money bag is considered to be good luck.

Dream books

There are several dream books available today on the internet, which are especially designed for lottery players. It is believed by players, that these books will help them to interpret their dreams and they also have lucky numbers, which players can bet upon. These books also have details on what days are lucky, what addresses are lucky for them and several other things concerning which will bring them luck for winning a lottery jackpot.

There are several successful gamblers who combine their strategies and game play with such dream book interpretations to bring them luck. These books have significations and signs from conjuration and hoodoo.

Lucky hand washes

If lucky charms are not enough and do not work well for a player, perhaps a lucky hand wash will do the trick. There are several players who often wash their hands with a herbal lucky hand wash before they go to a casino to gamble. These hand washes are generally made with blend of herbs which are considered to be lucky like Allspice berries, Cinnamon, Irish moss, Alfalfa and Chamomile.

Several other players make their own lucky hand washes and even take them whenever they go to a casino so that they can just splash on some hand wash just before beginning their game. Several others use lucky oils made from aromatic lucky herbs which drive away poverty and bring in good fortune.

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