“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Lucky Charms

Luck in gambling is quite a big factor and players will do almost everything to increase their luck at the table, whether it is carrying a lucky bracelet or wearing their lucky cap, if they think it will make them lucky.

There are many talismans, curious amulets and such a thing as a lucky charm which are often sold even on the internet especially for gamblers. There are even some herbs and other artifacts which are considered to bring luck for players.

A Lucky Charm

Given below is a list of lucky charms which are often used by players:

  • Alfalfa- Alfalfa is generally carried in a mojo hand to bring in luck
  • Alligator tooth- it is said that it prevents jealous opponents from jinxing your winnings
  • Alligator foot - it is said that its strange look brings a good luck
  • Badger tooth- this is an old German charm which needs to be worn on the left side of the player's body
  • Bat heart- believe it or not, bat heart is often wrapped in red silk and worn on the left arm to bring luck
  • Chamomile - hand wash made from chamomile can bring money
  • Dice with number 7- it is a lucky seven charm
  • Gamblers soap- soap made with lucky herbs to bring luck to gamblers
  • Four leaf clover- it has to be pressed flat and carried to the casino to draw money
  • Horseshoe- to be carried for good luck and protection
  • Lodestone- a special magnetic iron ore which needs to be carried to the casino in order to attract money
  • Hand root- a rare and a very special orchid root which is shaped in the form of a hand to bring more money
  • Iron dust - iron dust is said to attract good luck and money
  • Mojo bags - mojo bags are leather or flannel bags which are filled with lucky curios and herbs to bring in luck
  • A money bag charm - these are charms in the shape of money bags which is considered to be lucky
  • Nutmeg - nutmeg is said to be lucky if carried in a pocket while playing games of chance
  • Charms with playing cards- charm bracelets with playing cards brings money at gambling
  • Pyrite - a pyrite is a golden sparkling iron ore which attracts good luck and money if carried in the pocket when visiting a casino.
  • Rabbit foot - a classic southern charm which is very widely used by gamblers. It can be carried on its own or in the form of a key ring for bringing luck
  • Raccoon's penis bone - believe it or not if you wrap a raccoon's penis bone is a $20 bill you will keep on winning at the table
  • Skull shaped candle- a skull shaped candle is a symbol of daring and brings in luck to gamblers
  • Silver dime - silver dime protects the gamblers money and saves him from getting jinxed by jealous opponents
  • Slot machines charm - a special lucky charm made for slot machines

Read more about different superstitions which bring a good luck here.

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