“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Slot superstitions

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When it comes to gambling superstitions, most people would think that playing slots machine is the game, which is full of different legends and myths. Most of the layers do know that these machines are computer controlled and they also know that there is in fact nothing which they can do in order to increase their chances at winning. However, some players will do everything they can just to improve their chances at winning, even at slots online.

Common slot machine superstitions

Almost at any casino that one would visit, there is a high chance of spotting slot machine players indulging in strange and bizarre actions, which might be due to superstitions. Whether these superstitions work for them or not, while playing slots cannot really be said, but there are some really common acts which are done by hundreds of players around the world to increase their chances of winning.

Some very common superstitions are as listed below:

  • Players often warm up the tokens in their hand before they start playing. Players believe that if the coins are warm, they will make the slot machine "hot".
  • Many players also wipe their palm or touch the glass over every reel as it spins.
  • Many players even kick slot machines since they believe that it is lucky for them. The belief is that by kicking the machine they will help it loosen up.
  • Some players think it is lucky to put the tokens in the slot very slow and then pull the handle too very slowly. On the other hand many other players believe the complete opposite, they believe that doing these actions very fast will increase their chances.
  • Many players believe that it is unlucky to look at the screen when the reels are spinning and some even cover it with paper or something else. They usually do it playing slots games online.
  • Making a cross sign is all too common.
  • Using lucky oils for rubbing on their hands also brings in good luck.
  • Many people believe that if you talk to the slot machine it will respond positively.

Lucky charms

Lucky charms have always been a favorite one of superstitious players for all games. A visit to any casino will show a number of players sporting their lucky charm or symbols, even for slot machines. Many players arrange these charms in front of the screen while others hang these from the handle or the change light. Players who forget their lucky charms will sometimes not even play slots at the casinos.

Lucky charms could be anything: they would be troll dolls, aromatic holy herbs like eucalyptus, animal bones, a crystal or pyramid, rabbit's feet, stones or lucky coins, rosary, statue of saints like Saint Jude, cross or other religious symbols, photographs of a family member, statues of angels etc.

Though it might sound a little weird some players also find stuffed tigers and monkeys to be lucky for them and they often hang these from the slot machine handles. Other superstitions include walking around the casino three times, not using $50 bills, not chewing gum and wearing a lucky item of clothing while they are playing.

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