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Best internet connection for poker?

It's every gamer’s worst nightmare. You're sitting at the table and you've just been dealt a killer hand in the showdown of a high stakes poker tournament. You put everything you have on the table and just then, with no warning, your internet connection goes down. You've lost your place at the table, your winning hand and even worse, you've lost all your money.

This kind of thing used to happen all the time. Nowadays it's not so common thanks to high speed broadband and mobile internet. As the nature of the internet has changed along with its users, so too has the bare minimum speed for using the information superhighway effectively. To be able to access even the most basic sites on your home computer, you're going to have to be using a 1 megabyte connection. This will ensure that you're not waiting an age for photos, information and streaming videos to load. Mobile internet users will tend to find that they can make do with a lot less because of the lessened quality of photographs, movies and websites in general.

Thanks to the popularity of Poker Online soaring, we are now seeing that more and more people are getting involved and playing either through dedicated sites, or downloading apps on their phones and playing through those. The little programs contain all the information necessary to get into the same games as those people who are playing via the site, it's just a quicker, easier way to get there that has been designed specifically for those people who are playing over a mobile connection.

Because the app and the site have been optimized to work over mobile phones as well as over a high speed broadband connection, you can be sure that there's an option to suit you.

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