“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


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Positive affirmation is very widely used as a tool to program the subconsciousness to make it more positive and keeping it from thinking negative thoughts. In positive affirmations a positive statement is taken which a person would like to see in real life and then repeat it often to make it a part of their subconsciousness. What it does, is that it takes away all the negative thoughts and trains the player to believe in himself/herself.

It somehow looks like positive thinking when good thoughts and intentions help people to achieve what they want or dream about.

Practicing positive affirmation

Gamblers often practice positive affirmation techniques in order to increase their chances of winning at the table. Those, who have never practiced it before, check the below mentioned steps and follow them in order to try out this concept.

1.  Decide the intention

The first step towards positive affirmation is to look at your intention and to think about what you really want to see manifested in real life. For gamblers it will mean what they want to win at and how much they want to win. For those who have never tried it before, it will be wise to start with something small like making $100 profit at the table or something like that.

2.  Creating the statements

Once the intention behind this whole exercise is decided, the next thing to be done is to create statementsfor it. For example, a statement like we made a profit of $100 at the table today is better than we want to make a profit of $100 at the table today since the statement should be something which can program your subconscious into believing it.

3.  Make them positive and realistic

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the statement should be positive and realistic. Do no use any type of negative words in the statement at all. Try to make it completely positive by not using words like don't, can't etc. Also make the statements realistic and not totally beyond the imagination. Do not aim for the jackpot at the slots or other games but have a smaller aim to begin with.

4.  Repeat them

Once you have the statement ready, the next thing to do is to simply repeat this statement to yourself every day. If you repeat this statement mentally in the morning or the evening, it can be really effective and saying the statement aloud works even better since that way you can even hear it yourself. Another popular way to do it is to record a tape with your own voice repeating the statement and then play it whenever you have time even while you are doing other activities. You can listen to the tape while working in the house or while driving to the casino. Write the statement down on a post-it and place them everywhere in the house so that you will always come across it several times in a day which will only make it more effective.

Positive affirmations is said to be quite helpful to people in all areas of life including in gambling if it is practiced the right way.

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