“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

Beat the ‘fun recession’ with a little Jackpot-inspired silliness

Got those winter blues? Have fun at one of the most popular bingo sites in UK known for its celeb-studded TV adverts, reckons that silliness is the only solution. In an effort to encourage people to have ‘more daft fun’, it has launched its very own foundation to make people’s silliest ideas a reality. Appropriately enough, gambling FUNdation was launched by sending a massive yellow inflatable rubber duck down the Thames. As you can see, it created something of a stir:

The whole campaign is based around the idea that people simply aren’t laughing often enough. According to studies carried out by the website, which were no doubt as scientific as they come, Britons are only laughing half the recommended daily amount. Citizens of Alan Partridge’s old stomping ground Norwich are the worst offenders, laughing on average a mere 5.4 times a day, while Leeds leads the pack with a laugh-tastic 8.4 chuckles per day.

While online gambling has always traded on a fun, frivolous image with adverts starring former Carry On pin-up/Queen Vic landlady Barbara Windsor as ‘Babs, Queen of Bingo’, it has hit overdrive in recent months with its ‘Just for the joy of it’ ad campaign. In October, it launched this chucklesome ad, starring one of the oddest musical instruments yet seen:

Whether Johann Sebastian Bach would have enjoyed this jape, or whether he’s spinning in his centuries-old grave at this irreverent rendition of his Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, we will never know. Seismic measurements of the area around his final resting place have revealed no discernable movements, so we can assume that he is largely oblivious to the whole thing. One suspects that he would at least approve of the squeaky-toy-player’s flamboyant dress sense and obvious love of a baroque-style ruffled shirt.

Of course, online casinos don’t just want people to laugh more. It wants them to play at its website as well – in fact, this is their main priority in all of this. To this end, they have just upped their signup bonus in time for the festive season, with new players getting a whopping £35 to play with when they sign up and deposit £10. As well as unlocking the full range of over 90 games that are available at the site, signing up to play for cash will also put you in the frame for some instant cash prizes, including huge accumulator jackpots worth thousands of pounds.

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