“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”


Baccarat game is a very glamorous and sophisticated casino game which is often considered to be a game for the rich and famous people, and it is very easy to play. There are just three bets to play (Banker, Player and Tie) and winning is not at all that difficult.

Because of its exciting and fun action the baccarat game is gaining popularity quite fast among gamblers. In the recent years, online gambling sites have also made the game available to many players who have never had the chance to play it before. As more people began playing the game, several myths have developed around baccarat. Anyone who wants to really win at baccarat should be quite well-known about such myths and should take their time to find out the real truth about them.

Baccarat myths

Given below are some of the most commonly myths about baccarat game:

Myth 1 - You can look at the patterns and win at baccarat

Fact- Baccarat is actually a game of luck, so the pattern of the hands in the past doesn't really matter. The chances of the next hand being able to make a player win will always remain the same. The banker will usually win more often because of the house edge so learning and analyzing patterns of the hands will not really help players win.

Myth 2 - Card counting can be helpful in baccarat too

Fact- In blackjack players have been quite successful using card counting method. In baccarat the same deck of cards is used as in blackjack and so many players believe that card counting will work even in baccarat. There is a difference between these games and the main difference is that in blackjack all the used cards are returned back to the shoe and this is what makes card counting helpful. Players can change their bet in the middle of the hand in blackjack due to which they can take an advantage if there is a favorable card count. However, in baccarat card counting will not be helpful.

Myth 3 - Baccarat systems can increase your chances of winning

Fact- Baccarat is a chance game and so the several baccarat systems which are found today will not be helpful at all. In baccarat skill is not required and it doesn't play a big role when compared to games like blackjack and poker so it is better not to really waste money on such systems. The only thing that really can help you to play baccarat game is such-called baccarat tips.

Myth 4 - With baccarat you cannot expect to make profits

Fact- Like every other casino game, baccarat too has a house edge. However, it isn't true that profits cannot be made playing baccarat. In fact, baccarat is a game where the house has one of the lowest edges. There is only 1.06% house edge for the banker and for player bets the edge is 1.24%. Since there is a lower house edge there are better chances of winning at baccarat in comparison to other chance games like slots and roulette. This only goes to prove that those who want to win money without having to make use of any special talent or skill should play baccarat.

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