“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe.”

To understand the core principles of responsible gambling in South Africa one should dive deep into the history of attempts of legalization of gambling and online gambling in SA first. In order to avoid the mess with dates and definitions, we’ll try to summarize the general information you might need to know.

Well due to the fact that gambling history of SA was imbued with fighting spirit of gambling craving people with the governmental gambling restrictions which in 1996 resulted in a successful though terminated attempt to legalize gambling; in June 2000 the National Responsible Gambling Foundation was founded. This is a public-private sector initiative helping gambling addicted people get rid of their addiction and lead a healthy life style.

As you’ve already understood, in case you feel you are to step over the line and are to stay on that slippy slope of gambling addiction – you may be sure that this institution will land you a professional helping hand and help you avoid or get rid of the upcoming addiction.

First of all you must always remember that gambling should be considered as a leisure activity and in case at any moment you feel that you are losing the control of your spending - you should consider seeking assistance or at least realize the appearance of this kind of addiction. There are many places in the web and where you may seek professional help, where professionals will provide you the necessary support to put you back on the right form of thinking and somehow measure your philosophy of luck.

But anyway if you are seriously concerned on the matter, you must know that aside from the special institutions, there is a lot of gaming websites that offer the limitations set and have responsible gaming policies that will help you or your friends to perform a responsible gambling.

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